Tax & VAT

We are experts in tax matters – so expert that we provide advice to other accountants.

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We plan so your bills are kept to the absolute minimum – it’s all part of the service

We report so you comply with legislation – even though HMRC keep changing the rules

and we have a lifetime of experience in successfully negotiating the bureaucratic minefields of HMRC – so you don’t have to!

Taxes that affect you and your business:

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Trust Tax
  • VAT

They all need careful attention from the outset. Whether it’s registering for VAT and choosing the best scheme for you; whether you’re thinking of buying, selling or letting property; paying yourself or your employees in the most tax efficient way; or organising your family investments to reduce tax... the list is endless because taxes affect us all and we’re here to help.


If you’ve heard about IR35 read on...

Not sure whether you’re inside the scope of IR35, or what to do if you are?

We’ll arrange a review of your contracts for you to check whether you are working “outside” IR35 and make recommendations – before HMRC show an interest!

If you haven’t heard about IR35 and you’re a freelance contractor you need to call us now!

Tax & VAT Returns

Yes, of course, and they’ll all be filed on time too.

We don’t just look after businesses. If you have a simple Self Assessment Tax Return, or want to make sure HMRC isn’t taking too much tax from your pay or pension, we are only too delighted to help!