Book-keeping & Payroll

As much help as you need – whenever and wherever you want.


Book-keeping & Payroll in FarnboroughNeeds to be done but who's going to do it?

  • We can show you, or your staff, how to do some, or all of it
  • We’ll make sure you’re using the best set-up so you don’t waste time or money and, if you need software, we can provide it at discount prices
  • If you haven’t the time, or the staff, or can spend your time more profitably, then we can take care of all of it

VAT returns

The same deal as book-keeping: all you need to do is decide who and how and leave the rest to us


No matter how few employees you have it just must be done – it can’t be late and it can’t be wrong!

We’ll make it painless, by

  • preparing and issuing payslips
  • preparing forms you need to give your employees
  • filing forms and returns with HMRC
  • handling the transition to Real Time Information on-line reporting to HMRC

Construction industry

Filing the CIS monthly return - another deadline not to be missed!

We’ll take the pressure off, by

  • verifying your subcontractors
  • preparing payment and deduction statements
  • filing the monthly returns on your behalf
  • and, we’ll advise on the status of your subcontractors